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Kambo is a Giant Leaf frog found in the Amazon. Its ?medicine? has a variety of applications but one of the major reasons for its use is the effect it has on the brain and the psyche as a psychedelic substance. It is powerful “medicine” and you can find lots of information on the internet about it.

The other day I was inspired to write a poem (see below) about it because it seems like presently many people feel the need to experience psychoactive substances used by traditional tribes and healers. There is a tendency to believe that these experiences bring a sense of accomplishment, making a person a “better” person, “better” than others. I have reflected upon this phenomena in the context of our ability to live life and decided to share my inspiration with you as food for thought. Enjoy.

KAMBO – Frog Medicine: Illusion or Reality

Still flying high
Soaring high in the sky

Looking at life in a different light
Experiencing all there is from new heights

All the induced reflections
Causing different perceptions

Spirit has so many different forms
It may come and go like a storm

Has it really changed the way things are
Or is it just an illusion from afar

Are you really a different person now
Is different better – if yes how

Life’s challenges are still the same
So are responsibilities – what a shame

The real test is living how
With spirit present in every moment now

Taking responsibility for who we truly are
Leaving behind our desires and ego so far

In service to our soul’s purpose
Is our life’s journey

~ Gudrun Penselin


Personally I have been a happy vegetarian for over 23 years; however for those of you who enjoy eating meat I strongly suggest that you only consume meat that has been raised without chemicals as well as in an ethical way. Following is the information of two local producers that sell certified organic meat.

1. Jerry Kitt at First Nature Farms (chicken) –
2. Levke and Peter Eggers, 780.568.3805 (grass fed beef and lamb)

Please share the information freely!

Green Blessings,


Ever wondered about the safety and accuracy of mammograms? Are you aware of possible alternatives such as breast thermography?

Please pass on the following information on to as many women as possible.

Breast Thermography clinic coming to Dawson Creek to do breast/cranial thermography Sept 21/22, 2014. Call Cindy Peever, R.N. at 250-596-9119 and leave a message or contact her at or


Breast Thermography is a form of breast screening using digital infrared imaging. No squeezing of breasts required, no radiation yet very reliable in early detection of abnormal breast tissue. It provides the earliest evidence of breast disease with an accuracy of 90%. This means in 90% of the cases the scan accurately indicates presence or absence of dis-ease. It shows the function, physiology and metabolism of breast tissue and gives a picture of the cell activity in breast tissue. Usually, abnormal cells like cancer cells are hotter than normal cells. A breast thermography scan shows the heat (temperature) difference between normal breast tissue and problematic areas.

Breast thermography is a very reliable tool in early detection for abnormal cell development; however a small percentage of cancers are non-hypervascular which means they do not produce extra heat.


Mammograms on the other hand use x-rays to detect a mass. X-rays don?t pass through the mass as easily as through normal breast tissue. Mammograms work best for soft post-menopausal breast tissue and for slow growing tumors. They are not effective for young, dense breast tissue, large breasts, fibro-cystic breasts, breasts with breast implants, pregnant and breast feeding women as well as women on hormone replacement therapy. The rate of false-positive readings with about 25% is high (suggested disease where there is none) as is the false negative rate of about 20% (missed tumors).

Dr. Mercola ( just posted an article about mammograms providing a wealth of information.