“Dear Gudrun,

Warm herbal greetings. I wanted to thank you for the wonderful video you sent and the Bach Flower cards. Really, the video is so well done, very detailed and easy to follow. And you and Adrian just shine throughout the teachings. I so appreciate the depth of your teachings, Gudrun, and the spirit that you bring to them. It resonates so deeply with me. I hope this CD finds its way to all those who can benefit from these teachings. I think it is just lovely and a wonderful in-depth introduction for folks on home medicine making and developing a deeper relationship with plants.”

~ Rosemary Gladstar,
Sage Mountain, Herbalist from USA, March 2013

“I am certain the plant kingdom is delighted with how Gudrun and Adrian have translated the ancient, the traditional and life enhancing messages of the regenerative power of nature, specifically plant remedies. Their approach is practical, combining traditional methods of preparations and applications with their contemporary educations. From ethical harvesting to preparation and proper storage, you will see and hear Gudrun and Adrian?s love for the living spirit of the plants shine through. They connect us to a key message that love and respect for our green allies will serve all living beings providing healthful sustainable resources for remedies for mind, body and spirit. You too will be delighted to reawaken your connection to plants and restore your faith in their gifts.”

~ Paula Marie Skalnek,
Clinical Herbal Therapist

“Gudrun and Adrian are each well-schooled in the science of plant medicine but they bring much more to their practice. In refreshing contrast to some current attitudes they bring respect, gratitude and wisdom to the process of harvesting and working with plants. They instruct us to take only what we need and can use at the time, to bring our own calm and loving spirit when we approach and handle plants. And they remind us that all life on this planet is dependent on the plants.”

~ Catherine McLaughlin

“Wow! Gudrun I just spent the day watching your amazing DVD ?Herbal Pharmacy for Everyone?. This is such an educational DVD that inspires you to want to get out in nature and connect with the plants and benefit from the ?whole? experience. An absolute must for everyone to own ? so easy to understand and all the steps in making your own remedies are so clearly demonstrated. Thank you my friend for honoring the plants and our home, the earth. And thank you for giving us this wealth of years of knowledge that can be passed on to future generations. You truly are an inspiration and I am forever grateful for you.”

~ Deb Guerin, Grande Prairie

“Wow, wow, wow! You did an amazing job, the finished product turned out so so well! Just fabulous to see it, I don’t have the words to express how phenomenal this project turned out Gudrun! I am so so so proud of you, you and Adrian did an unbelievable job. It is so professional. I loved your opening talk. Your hard work and professionalism is second to none!!!!

I absolutely fell in love with your DVD. I need spring soon to start creating my own herbal preparations. You’ve inspired me.”

~ Jen Peers, Toronto