Medical Mistakes


?A 2012 report stated that 38,000 to 43,000 deaths occur annually in Canada in connection with health-care delivery. That is the equivalent of 80 jumbo jets crashing every year – one every five days or so. According to the author William Charney, a veteran health and safety officer in health care and author of numerous books on health-care safety, the actual number of deaths is undoubtedly greater because of the high rates of non-reporting.?

I have come across statistics televised on national television in the US a few years ago that were even higher (1-3 jumbo jets/day). Numbers like this raise many concerns and questions. For example why is the health food industry so unfairly targeted these days with many products being taken away from the consumer?

Even though medicine has lots of positive practices to offer and has been saving many people?s lives it is advisable to be aware of preventative measures a person can take when dependent on the medical profession for health care. The article ?PREVENTIVE MEASURES FOR MEDICAL MISTAKES? HTTP://WWW.HANS.ORG/MAGAZINE [1] published by HANS (Health Action Network Society) provides some great suggestions.

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